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Monday, January 9, 2017

Kathmandu to Kakarvitta Bus

Kathmandu to Kakarvitta Bus

Bus ticket Delivery service to kakarvitta in Kathmandu,contact at 9851005685 for Kakarvitta bus ticket,How to book bus Ac deluxe bus and Non Ac bus ticket to Kakarvitta from Kathmandu
Kathmandu to Kakarvitta bus
Air suspension Bus leave time to Kakarvitta  from 3:30 to 4:30 which cost NPR 1600 NPR, 2 deluxe bus departure in the morning , it cost Rs. 1200 NPR, Night deluxe bus starting to departure from 4 pm to 5 Pm  and Cost Rs. 1200 NPR.  

There are both Ac Deluxe to Non Ac Deluxe daily bus service to Kakarvitta east Nepal from capital city at 9851005685 for Bus ticket.Kathmandu Ac Deluxe and Non Ac Bus to Kakarvitta. Morning Ac micro Bus and non Ac Deluxe Bus Kakarvitta. Also we have jeep ticket to Kakarvitta for easy and  best way to travel. Contact at 9851005685 for the detail info about the Kakarvitta Bus.Daily Kathmandu to kakarvitta Bus service and Bus ticket booking facility with Green City Travel and Tours(p.)Ltd. Morning 4:30 deluxe bus departure from Kakarvitta bus station Kathmandu. Then, from 3 Pm , there are air suspension Bus , deluxe Bus departure. Air Suspension Bus to Kakarvitta cost Rs. 1600 NPR, Deluxe Bus ticket cost Rs.1200 NPR. we have ticket delivery system according to the customer demand. Morning bus to Kakarvitta access in the evening and night bus will get Kakarvitta east Nepal at morning 7-8 AM. Kathmandu to Kakarvitta bus ticket service and Bus seclude information.Morning just 1 deluxe bus leaving to Kakarvitta then afternoon 3 pm to till  evening 6 pm Bus leave to Kakarvitta.

Booking Kathmandu to Kakarvitta Bus ticket
Book Kathmandu to Kakarvitta Ac Deluxe and Non Ac Deluxe Bus.Morning Ac Mirco Bus,Deluxe Bus and Jeep ticket facility. 

Kathmandu to Kakarvitta bus service running by our travel agency Kathmandu Nepal. We have Ac deluxe to Non Ac Bus service to Kakadvitta from capital city Kathmandu Nepal. Bus to Kakadvitta from Kathmandu joining the east to capital city Kathmandu within 12 hours bus distance. Kakarvitta or Kakadvitta whatever it is the immigration and bordering point to India. Distance between Silguri and Kakadvitta is 25 km wihin half an hours driving. Bagdora Airport is the nearest airport to india from Nepal. Jalpaiguri railway station connect all india train facility which is also no far from the Kakarvitta Nepal. Immigration of fore-gin tourist point are also the Kakadvitta from Nepal and india.
Kathmandu to Kakarvitta bus reservation agency
Morning and night bus to Kakarvitta. Morning 4 Am Deluxe Bus and 5 Am Daily Micro Bus to Kakarvitta

Bus Seclude to Kakarvitta from Kathamndu
Morning 4 Am Bus  from bus station then get around 8 Pm to Kakadvitta.
Afternoon 3 pm 3 Deluxe bus to Kakarvitta from Kathmandu. Then, up to 6 pm bus leave to Kakadvitta from the Bus station of Kakarvitta.

Cost of Kathmandu to Kakarvitta Bus
Ac Deluxe bus cost Rs. 1600 NPR
Deluxe Bus cost Rs. 1200 NPR
Normal bus to Kakadritta cost Rs.1200 NPR
How to book kathmandu to kakarvitta Bus?
you can book by phone then we sent the ticket or seat number by sms. you can pay by esewa online

Why go to Kakarvitta?
Travel to eastern Nepal, Immigration point for the tourist visa, to go Sikkim and Darjeeling. similarly silguri,calcutta and whole india tours and travel.
Kathmandu kakarvitta Kathmandu Bus service

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